In the average American home, a garage door is opened between three and five times each day, according to door manufacturers. This means that most homes open their garage door anywhere from 1,300 to 1,800 times every year. Most homeowners would be surprised as to how often their door is opened each year, and because doors can weigh up to 300 pounds, this obviously means we should be taking every precaution and being as safe as possible. Many [people don’t realize how potentially dangerous and destructive to property that a garage door can be – until it’s too late. 

Garage Door Injuries are More Common than You Think 

Due to the need for safety around garage doors, injuries are more common than you might think. Otherwise avoidable injuries include pinched fingers, lacerated hands – and worse, doors that sometimes fall on someone. Unfortunately, these accidents are far too often related to the fact that some garage doors are installed incorrectly or with incompetent workmanship. 

These accidents can also damage property – like vehicles or anything else that happens to be under the garage door and meets its crashing wrath. This can all be avoided by hiring the right garage door installation and repair technicians that know what they are doing. Here are some other helpful tips to make sure you and your family are safe around garage doors. 

Garage Door Safety Tips 

  • If you are taking a vacation or some other kind of long leave from home, unplug the garage door opener unit. Not only does this save electricity, but it will make any remotes unusable. Some newer doors also feature vacation lock console security switches that perform the same function. 
  • Never leave the door partially open – always close it. The door might travel downward and cause damage or injury when engaged again. Additionally, leaving your door partially open can confuse your home’s security system and reduce its effectiveness. 
  • Never leave your garage door opener remote in a car or other area where it’s readily accessible. This is an easy way for thieves and other criminals to gain easy access for home invasions. 
  • Regularly check the safety and efficacy of your garage door opener’s reversing mechanism. The auto-reverse function has been a standard feature for almost 30 years. This feature uses sensors to automatically reverse if a sensor observes an object that is in the way of the door closing. Simply place a piece of wood or another object in front of the sensors to make sure they are in proper working order. 
  • Periodically check key features of your door – like springs, rollers, cables, or pulleys for signs of wear and tear. Contact a garage door repair specialist immediately if anything appears out of order. 
  • Most garage doors have emergency release functions, which can be of important use if your door is malfunctioning. Information about this function can be found in the owner’s manual of your garage door.

Trust the Garage Door Experts

While performing the above safety tasks are relatively simple for most homeowners, you can rest assured that your door is performing at its best and is at its safest by contacting a professional. Beach Cities Garage Doors and Gates will perform regular checkups to ensure your garage door is safe and operating the way it should be, as well as inform you of any repairs that might be upcoming. Give us a call or fill out an online request form today.