Your garage door rollers are one of the most important components when it comes to the proper functionality of your garage door. Not only do they keep your door in its proper place on the track, they also ensure that your door goes up and down as smoothly as possible. When you are in need of garage door roller replacement, it can be a big deal and could lead to even more issues if you don’t address it immediately. 

Even if you take the proper precautions and perform basic maintenance on your door, your garage door rollers will eventually degrade over time due to wear and tear. This only becomes more true the older your door is. When you are in need of garage door roller replacement, trust the repair experts here at Beach Cities Garage Doors and Gates. We have many years of experience and we always keep up to date with the latest in safety standards, industry regulations and the latest smart device technology.

Various Garage Door Roller Types

The garage door roller types you have will depend on how old it is, the manufacturer, its size, and so on. Various garage door roller types tend to be made from one of three materials: 

  • Nylon Rollers with Ball Bearings: 

Heavy-duty nylon rollers last the longest out of the three listed here. It also tends to operate most smoothly and quietly. Not surprisingly, it also tends to cost the most.

  • Plastic Rollers without Ball Bearings:

These types of rollers are highly popular because they are the least expensive. This roller is plastic and its stem contains no ball bearings. As you get what you pay for, plastic rollers need replacing the most often.

  • Steel Rollers with Ball Bearings:

Steel rollers operate more smoothly and last longer than plastic ones. However, there is a bit of noise with these.

Trust the Garage Door Roller Repair Experts

Like any good business, we take a structured approach to our workmanship when it comes to repairing or replacing components like various garage door roller types. We know how to diagnose and quickly fix any issue that may arise with your system, and that includes garage door rollers. If you notice any strange noises with your rollers for your garage door, give the experts a call here at Beach Cities Garage Doors and Gates before any issue compounds and potentially gets worse. We take the safety and satisfaction of our customers very seriously. Our system of evaluation, testing, diagnosing and potential replacement or repair is in-depth and very calculated. 

First, we will test the garage door rollers to see if they are operating like they are functioning the way they should be. Next, we will diagnose and point out any potential issues with the mechanics of your system including the garage door rollers. After that, we will lubricate and balance any moving parts that might need it. When that’s finished, we will repair or replace any part that might need it, like garage door rollers, cables, springs, hinges, safety lense photo eyes, and so on. And finally, we will run another test to ensure that all of our work has renewed your garage door to its proper working order and will provide its best functionality and safety.  

When it comes to garage door roller repair or replacement, it might be a relatively quick fix, or it might be a long process. The vertical tracks of the door need to be disassembled from other components in order to reach the garage door rollers. Depending on your situation, your hinges must be removed individually to reach the rollers. Once the components that make the door go up or down are reassembled, we will perform a system of tests to ensure that everything is working smoothly and like it should be. If the door isn’t correctly reassembled, it can cause vibrations to occur which will eventually lead to the lifespan of your door being reduced due to unnecessary wear and tear.  

Leave the Garage Door Roller Repair to the Experts

As you can see, your garage door roller and the surrounding system is highly complicated and made up of many moving parts. When it comes to the proper repair, maintenance, testing, tune-ups and replacement of garage door rollers, you can trust the best in the business here at Beach Cities Garage Doors and Gates to get the job done right the first time, every time. We are fully licensed, insured and highly experienced. We take every job we do very seriously. We offer comprehensive pricing that you can easily follow with each step of the way, with a guarantee of no hidden costs or fees of which you are left unaware. If you have any questions or concerns or would like a free quote for your garage door roller replacement, garage door repair, gate installation, or anything else, don’t hesitate to give us a call today. Or if you prefer, you can fill out the handy quote request form here on our website and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you and bringing you on as one of our valued customers.