You might be tempted to fix an issue with your garage door yourself. Doing so is attractive, you’ll save money and you feel a sense of accomplishment by doing something yourself. However, doing this can cause problems that could have otherwise been avoided. Read on for the top three instances when calling a garage door technician is imperative. 

Your Door is Malfunctioning or Functioning Erratically  

Is your door closing halfway, or closing then reopening immediately? This could be a number of different things that could possibly be addressed quickly and easily. Consult your owner’s manual to take a look at your sensors, tracks, or limits to see if this is why your door is functioning erratically. If you can’t figure it out, it’s important for your family’s personal safety that you contact a professional for help.

You Hear a Loud or Grating Noise

When you hear a loud bang come from your garage door, it can cause immediate panic. Did it crush my car? Is it safe to check out? When a loud bang happens from your garage door, most of the time it is caused by the springs snapping. Your garage door springs are under an immense amount of tension and pressure from lifting 150-350 pounds. It is common for springs to snap, especially on older doors. 

Another common noise is to hear grinding or grating noises when your door is opening. This is usually due to a malfunction or a misplacement in your rollers, tracks, or cables. If you hear either one of these noises come from your garage door, be sure to contact a garage door repair technician immediately! It could be dangerous to put it off or to try and address it yourself.

You Changed the Battery in Your Remote and It Still Isn’t Working

A surprising number of homeowners forget to change their batteries when their garage door opener remotes don’t work. If you did that and it still doesn’t work, you might want to check your garage door tracks, sensors, and limits. If this still doesn’t work, be sure to contact a professional so you don’t do damage.

Trust the Experts at Beach Cities Garage Doors and Gates

If you are experiencing any of the above 3 issues with your garage door, be sure to try some of the simple fixes that could help in a pinch. If they don’t work, then it’s time to call an expert. Trying to fix your garage door yourself could lead to further damages and issues that will require further unnecessarily costly repairs. 

The garage door repair technicians here at Beach Cities Garage Doors and Gates have you covered. We have many years of experience diagnosing and repairing all issues with garage doors, big or small. For a free consultation or to get your questions answered, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.