For a homeowner, there are few things worse than a garage door that won’t close. Garage doors are the gateways to the modern home. Not only is it an inconvenience, but it can also be dangerous. A garage door that won’t close also presents the danger of stolen property. Your security feature quickly turns into a liability. The majority of homeowners tend to take the functionality of their garage doors for granted – until something like this happens. 

So, what should you do if you discover your garage door won’t close? We always recommend that you contact a technician and ask the experts, especially if the malfunction is significant or serious. However, there are some issues that you could possibly address on your own. There are some simple checks you can perform rather quickly that could save you some headaches and lost time with a broken door. Here are three main possible reasons why your garage door won’t close and stay closed as it should. 


  • Garage Sensors  


Each modern garage door opening system is equipped with crucial safety sensors. These sensors might operate improperly if they are misaligned or if their light beam is blocked. While these are very important safety features, it is frustrating if they malfunction and you don’t know why. If your door keeps constantly opening back up and won’t stay shut, this is one of the main culprits. Be sure that they are aligned properly (if you have a level, great) and make sure that nothing is obstructing their line view of each other.


  • Limits  


The limits on the opener of your garage door alert the system when it’s completely closed or open. If the limits are inaccurate, the door might close to the ground and then open back up, or it might close partially. Your garage door opener manual should have proper instructions on how to realign the limits so your door closes and stays closed the right way.


  • Garage Tracks  


Issues with tracks can be a number of different things. If you think you have an issue with your garage door tracks, it’s best to contact a professional – because attempting a repair could spell disaster. Sometimes though, an issue with tracks is simply because of the fact that there’s something in the way. Safely use a ladder and check to see if there is any dirt, leaves or other debris stuck in there. If this is the case, cleaning it up can allow your door to close properly.

Trust the Garage Door Repair Experts

While the above tips can help you get your door to close properly in a pinch, nothing compares to proper, regularly scheduled maintenance of your garage door. The garage door repair technicians here at Beach Cities Garage Doors and Gates will perform a thorough inspection on your door. This usually happens about once every 6 months. Scheduling regular maintenance can help you avoid costly repairs and as well as dangers to your garage door opening system. 

Feel free to call us any time to schedule repairs or for a free consultation. Or, simply use the handy form right here on our website.