Garage doors have evolved a lot since they were first invented. And while garage door remotes aren’t new, the technology evolves constantly – especially when you consider smart tech. Do you need a new garage door remote, or is it just another gadget that you don’t need to add clutter? Keep reading for more info on what you need to know about garage door remote controls. 

The Garage Door Remote Choices are Endless

Garage door remote controls come in an endless amount of shapes, sizes, colors, functions, and options. Long gone are the days where your garage door opener is used for just open and closed. If you move into a home, you might be given access to an existing garage door system that you are unfamiliar with. 

You can always purchase a remote control that you are more experienced in using, as well as contacting a professional to walk you through doing so (see below). Or you can always upgrade to something more advanced if you are looking to add options such as smart technology. 

You Might Be Able to Replace Your Remote With a Universal 

While these are a bit outdated now, everyone remembers the universal remotes when you lost the one for your TV. The same exists for your garage door. Universal remotes can help you replace your broken remote in a way that won’t break the bank. Universal remotes are exactly the way they sound – they are compatible with and can operate doors and gates from most major brands. These are suitable for homeowners who are looking to simplify things and aren’t necessarily interested in a ton of tech in their garage.

Many of these universal remotes might actually be better than the one that would come with a new garage door opener system. If your current garage door opener system allows it, these remotes are compatible with remote viewing, automatic on-off lights, and the ability to open and close from miles away.

Two of the most popular universal garage door remotes are the 375lm by LiftMaster and the KLIK3U-BK2 from Chamberlain. These two universal remotes are compact, inexpensive, and work great – just as well if not better than if you were to buy a completely new garage door system. 

Didn’t Get Your Question Answered? We Are Here to Help

The garage door experts here at Beach Cities Garage Doors and Gates have many years of experience in working with all aspects of garage doors, including remotes. Your garage door as a whole is a complex and intricate system that takes the proper training to understand. If you need a replacement for your opener system, we highly recommend that you avoid trying to do anything yourself to avoid injury or property damage. Don’t “DIY” – call us to help!

Additionally, if there’s a question we didn’t answer in this blog post, we would be happy to help. Get your garage door remote control questions answered or get a free quote by calling the experts at Beach Cities Garage Doors and Gates today!