The remote control on your garage door utilizes radio frequencies to open and close your garage door. Sometimes, this frequency must be changed for various reasons. Here, we explain what some of those reasons could be and how to understand how to change your frequency. 

Why Should I Change My Frequency? 

A common occurrence is that a garage door opener remote will experience some interference, thus causing the door to not open. Costly repairs can be avoided by understanding how to change your frequency and troubleshooting your way there. Another common issue is that your neighbor happens to have their remote programmed to the same frequency, which can cause another set of issues. 

Radio Frequencies and Garage Door Remotes

Believe it or not, all garage door opener remotes operate on similar frequencies. The reason being that radio frequencies are regulated heavily in the United States by the Federal Communications Commission and other federal entities. The regulations are in place to ensure that frequencies don’t cross. As such, licenses are required for some radio frequencies, like radio stations, as well as important functions like air traffic communications. 

Some range of frequencies doesn’t require licenses, such as ones like a garage door remote openers that have what is known as an ISM band. ISM bands are reserved for things that aren’t telecommunications, like industrial or medical purposes. The 2.4GHz range of frequencies is the one that garage door remote openers operate on, and they have an ISM band – meaning no license is required.

How to Change Your Opener Password

Each time you use your modern garage door opener, a code is issued. So you can’t change your frequency, but you can change your password on your panel if you forget it. Here’s how to do that: 

  • Find the button on the back of your opener and press it until the light goes on. 
  • The light indicates that your previous password has been deleted. 
  • Press the button again. After doing so, you now have 30 seconds to enter a new passcode. 
  • While entering the new passcode, the light next to the garage door opener motor should blink. The blinking light lets you know that the garage door opener system is accepting the new code. 
  • Repeat the above steps with your garage door remote. 
  • Once entered and complete, the lights should stop blinking. 
  • Your remotes should now work.

Trust the Garage Door Experts

This is an easy way to reset your garage door opener password to get your remote to work again. However, there comes a point when DIY projects can cause problems. Garage door opener systems are highly intricate and call for experts with years of training to properly repair them. When in doubt, trust the garage door experts. 

If you are feeling unsure, call the experts here at Beach Cities Garage Doors and Gates to schedule a checkup. We will diagnose and quickly fix the problem and prevent it from happening again. We look forward to hearing from you.