Modern garage doors are rugged equipment that is built to stand the test of time, after being put through years of frequent use, the elements, and so on. Garage doors on most homes make up 30 – 40% of the entire exterior, so keeping things functioning and looking their best is of the utmost importance. Like any piece of equipment that is used often, it loses its peak performance or breaks down over time. However, performing regular maintenance checks as well as knowing what to look for can help keep your garage door functioning properly longer than it otherwise would. Here are four ways to improve the performance and functionality of your garage door opening system.

Inspect for Sagging Chains

If your chain hangs more than a half of an inch below the rail, it could cause issues by straining components due to hitting against the rail. Tightening any loose chains is as easy as grabbing a wrench and finding the chain nuts. Your manufacturer’s manual will tell you exactly where the chain nuts are located, and how much to tighten them. This is typically a quarter or a half of an inch above the base of your rail.

Adjust Limit Screws

If your limit screws aren’t aligned properly, this will impact how well your garage door performs: such as whether it doesn’t close or open all the way, and so on. To check and adjust your limit screws, unplug the opener’s mechanism box and find the screw on the power unit, which is typically labeled. Turning the screw clockwise will address the issue, but do it slightly and then test a cycle of open and close. Apply this until your door opens and closes completely as it should.

Check Garage Door Safety Sensors

The reverse safety sensors prevent your door from closing on things that it shouldn’t. They are the two beams of light at the bottom of the door. Sometimes they can become misaligned and will need to be adjusted. A simple check of your owner’s manual will tell you how to adjust the safety sensors. 

Lubricate and Clean Drive Chain

If your door isn’t closing smoothly or is making strange noises, the culprit could be the drive chain. Be sure to check for any dirt and debris as well, as this can impact how your door opens and closes. A simple clean with a light penetrating oil every few months will address this issue and will help keep your chain lubricated.

Beach Cities Garage Doors and Gates is Here to Help

Performing the above will keep your garage door opening and closing the way it should. However, we don’t always have the time or ensure that it is done precisely the right way. This is where Beach Cities Garage Doors and Gates will come in. We will ensure that your garage door is operating at its best and we can also get you on a regular checkup/ maintenance schedule to prevent these types of issues from ever happening. Fill out the handy form on our website or give us a call today!