Your garage door cables are made up of several strands of wires that are highly durable. However, sometimes these cables will break, and then you will be in need of garage door cable replacement. These cables help keep garage door springs in the right place and aid in the balance of your door. Many homeowners take their garage door cables and the entire system for granted, and rarely, if ever even think about the intricate amount of moving parts that make up that system. The garage door cables are one of those essential moving parts and can present both a safety hazard and be highly inconvenient if your garage door won’t open and your cars are stuck inside. Not only is this a big inconvenience and disruption of life, but it can also present itself as a risk of injury if not carefully and immediately addressed. The expert garage door cable repair technicians here at Beach Cities Garage Doors and Gates have you covered with whatever type of service you might need.

Garage Door Cable Replacement and Repair Dangers

If your garage door cable broke, it’s imperative that you respond to the situation immediately. If you don’t it could potentially lead to even bigger issues and garage door cable repair dangers – or worse, a serious injury. One of the most common reasons why a garage door cable broke is due to the fact that they are not wound around the drum the right way, which will cause them to become unbalanced and eventually snap. Other times, if a garage door cable broke it is because it has come unwound from the drum entirely, which could cause the entire door to come crashing down and cause serious injury. Another main reason for the fact that your garage door cable broke is because their strength degrades as the moving parts age. This is true of all of the parts of your garage door system. 

Each moving garage door part must work in complete harmony together. If there is one part or component that breaks or needs replacement, ignoring that issue will only cause similar issues to arise with the rest of the garage door system. Again, even those garage door cables are made of strong metal, they have to help support the weight of a garage door that can sometimes weigh in excess of 250 pounds. That is a lot of weight!

What Can Go Wrong With Your Garage Door Cables?

If you are wondering how to fix garage door cables, there’s a good chance that your garage door cable broke. If you are wondering what can go wrong with your garage door cables, you’ve made the right choice to trust the experts. You will then be in need of garage door cable repair or garage door cable replacement. Like any purchase, garage door cables are subject to wear and tear and break down over time. Rust can seep its way into garage door cables, corroding them and impacting their effectiveness. Additionally, the cables can be wrapped around their drums improperly, which will cause doors to malfunction. Cables can also simply snap or break, depending on their age and their quality.

There are many DIY blogs and videos on YouTube explaining this process, many of them containing great information. However, unless you are highly knowledgeable and experienced like the pros here at Beach Cities Garage Doors and Gates, we highly recommend against doing it yourself. Even if you know how to fix garage door cables, without the proper experience, trying a project like that can cause serious damage to your garage door – or worse, irreversible injury. Don’t risk it, call the professionals! 

Leave the Garage Door Cable Repair to the Professionals

If you are in need of garage door cable repair or replacement, look no further than the pros here at Beach Cities Garage Doors and Gates. We have many years of experience with garage door repair, garage door replacement, and we fully understand exactly how to fix broken garage door cables. We are always upfront with every customer we work with, and our prices are always reasonable and affordable. 

Our expert garage door cable technicians are fully licensed and insured and always stay up to date with the latest industry trends, safety standards, government regulations, and so on. If your garage door cable broke and you are in need of emergency services, we can provide that too. We will respond to your emergency call the same day in most cases, and we can often get to your home to address the issue that the very same day as well. Feel free to give us a call anytime to get your questions about garage door cable repair answered, or you can also fill out our form right here on our website.