What kind of material should I buy for my new garage door installation?

It all depends on what you are going for. If you want long lasting door, consider a metal or wooden door that is durable and dependable. If you’re going for aesthetics, consider a stylish fiberglass door. The possibilities are endless.

Do I need a smart door?

That’s entirely up to you! The modern conveniences that come along with smart door technologies, like remote operation and monitoring using an app are nice features, getting a smart door of course isn’t a requirement when you’re buying a new door.

Is it possible for me to fix my garage door myself?

Only if you’re a professional! While there are minor issues that can be fixed, like your garage door sensors needing to be adjusted to work properly, any involved fix for your garage door can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Garage doors weigh anywhere from 150-400 pounds nowadays, so don’t tempt fate! Call the experts here at Beach Cities Garage Doors and Gates.

What does headroom mean?

Headroom is an important thing to consider when installing new garage doors. It is a term that describes the distance between the top of your garage door and the lowest point of your garage ceiling. It also refers to anything the garage door might run into, like pipes, ducts, or garage door tracks.