Whether you are in the market for an automatic gate installation for your home or your business, adding one to your property will create a distinct combination of style and protection. No matter if you decide to go with an iron gate or a more attractive looking wooden one, automatic gate installation is a great way to add value to your home or place of business. When it comes to automatic gate installation, we’ve got you covered here at Beach Cities Garage Doors and Gates. 

If you are in need of automatic gate repairs, we have years of experience with those as well. There are various kinds of automatic gate installation and automatic gate repairs. Be sure to hire the right expert for your automatic gate repair needs. 

Do You Need Automatic Gate Repairs?

It’s a fact of life for homeowners – things you buy for your house don’t last forever, and will eventually need replacing. There are many reasons why you might need automatic gate repair services, and usually, depending on what kind of gate you own. Below are some different kinds of automatic gates.

  • Overhead Electric Gates

You will most likely find an overhead electric gate on commercial business properties and at apartment complexes. Overhead gates can also be on the light side but do tend to be heavy-duty because of the high level of traffic that pass through the entryways of apartment complexes or gated communities. 

  • Automatic Swinging Gates

An automatic swinging gate is usually used in conjunction with at least one door. These doors usually either open outward or inward, depending on the individual setup of the property. Swinging gates are often found on larger homes and on business properties, but residential property owners might also opt for one as well. Today’s automatic swinging gates tend to be durable. The best ones also add a level of quiet functionality while adding a high level of security to any property.

  • Motorized Sliding Gates

Electric sliding gates tend to be some of the most common when it comes to residential properties. The reason for this is because sliding gates can fit into smaller spaces to be parallel to your fence or wall on your property. There is a lot of flexibility for sliding gates, as they offer you a lot of options on size, the durability of the materials and so on. How big or small your sliding gate will be depends on the size of the beginning of your driveway, how many times you will go in and out daily, and so on. 

Various Kinds of Automatic Gate Installation Materials

If you are in the market for automatic gate installation, you know that you are presented with some important choices you’ll need to make. What kind of material would you like for your electric gate? What make and model? At Beach Cities Garage Doors and Gates, it’s a priority of ours that our customers make the best decision. Your automatic gate will probably be an important part of your property for years to come, so this decision is a crucial one.

  • Steel Automatic Security Gates

Steel automatic security gates are usually found at industrial job sites and on commercial properties. There are a growing number of residential property owners that are choosing these durable security gates, because they offer a high level of security and open air. These gates are most often made from heavy-duty steel and are the type that folds. 

  • Electric Iron Gates

Electric iron gates are perhaps the most common kind of material used in new automatic gate installation. These gates are most often made from industrial galvanized steel. Electric iron gates can last a long time because they are rugged and can withstand the elements. 

  • Wooden Gates

Electric wooden gates are the most attractive and visually appealing option when it comes to automatic gate installation. You will most often find wooden gates on residential properties. The natural beauty of mahogany or redwood not only boosts the security of your home, it is something that you can admire for years to come.

The Best In the Automatic Gate Repair Business

Your automatic gate is the entryway to your home, so it is imperative that you hire an electric gate repair service provider that you can trust to get the job done right. Give the automatic gate repair expert technicians a call any time to get your questions answered.